I Refused to Let My Homeless Daughter Move in With Me Because I Can’t Stand Her Husband

A lot of people struggle with their relationship with in-laws. In some cases, MILs can even ruin marriages. However, it seems like our reader is rightfully concerned about her daughter’s relationship with her husband. Our reader will have to make a tough decision — welcome her daughter’s husband who she doesn’t like, or leave them both homeless.

We got a message from our reader.

Thank you for reaching out to us! We have some advice on what you can do in this situation.

Stand your ground.

Your daughter is adult enough to get married and figure things out. She should accept your terms or stay somewhere else. Her husband should be okay with your conditions. Ideally, he’d put his wife first and care about her well-being.

You don’t have to love your daughter’s husband just because she’s in love with him. You’re not to blame and it’s perfectly understandable that you don’t want to share your house with a person you don’t like. It won’t be just a 2-3 day stay, but a very long one.

Sign a “lease”.

If your daughter moves in, sign a “lease”. Note that it has to have some level of consideration for the contract to exist. Make sure you do it in written form and ask at least a dollar for it. Do this to ensure that John doesn’t just stay in your home uninvited one day.

Your daughter might come up with different excuses like “he’s staying over only tonight” or “he’ll find something tomorrow”, etc. It will be difficult for you to get him out of the house without the contract. If you do sign it, however, you won’t have any difficulty in removing him with the help of police.

Look for other options together.

If they can’t afford a full apartment, perhaps they can rent a small room. They’ll be able to save some money until they find something better. Alternatively, your daughter might stay with you, and John might rent a room. You might also help her find a full-time or part-time job. Encourage her to explore different job opportunities and choose one that is suitable and will contribute more to their family income.

Find him a place to stay.

You can find a tent, trailer or another place for your daughter’s husband. Tell her that she can visit him any time she likes. Continue helping him look for places, but keep him at arms length. Give them some space to figure things out while still having your back.

Most families have something to tell and the plot twists of these stories are jaw-dropping. In this article, our reader couldn’t handle her MIL’s idea to put milk in her baby’s eyes. Now she needs advice on what to do next.

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