Self-Compassion Helps Me Combat ADHD Issues

Self-compassion doesn’t come easily for me. However, where once I was quite hard on myself, I’ve made administering self-compassion part of my routine. Now that I’ve got my attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) under control, being self-compassionate and reminding myself of personal progress are even more important.

Before I was diagnosed with and medicated for adult ADHD, I found it impossible to create a routine and stick to it. I would start projects and abandon them soon after. Creative threads unspooled from mind to computer, but braiding them into a coherent structure proved impossible. This situation caused me much anguish; I needed to find a lasting solution.

Self-Compassion and ADHD Must Go Hand-in-Hand

A combination of medication and rigorous exercise allows me to braid more threads than I ever thought possible. However, just because my situation is better now doesn’t mean my efforts are always successful. Just like everyone else, I fall short on occasion: Projects take longer than expected; promising leads stop at dead-ends; unexpected events upset equilibrium.

When these things happen, it’s easy to hone in on the present. My ADHD means I tend to catastrophize and overthink, which requires a conscious effort to combat. When I feel overwhelmed, I remind myself of leaps in progress compared to a few short years ago.

Overthinking Is a Hallmark of My ADHD

A few short years ago, I didn’t practice self-compassion. I was a chronic overthinker. I can’t remember stepping back mentally for zoomed-out appraisals because there didn’t exist many counterweights for the negative aspects of my life. Maybe that’s why self-compassion doesn’t come easily. Anyway, I’m neither a victim nor a superhero in this story. I’m just a guy with ADHD that needs to cut himself some slack and indulge in some self-compassion.

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