“Brad Pitt at 60”: The Secrets Behind His Timeless Appearance and Healthy Lifestyle


On December 18, the famous actor Brad Pitt turned 60.


Many find it hard to believe his age. Audiences and fellow stars are amazed at how he manages to look so young.


Brad Pitt has always been known for his self-care and pursuit of the perfect physique. After his divorce from Angelina Jolie, he went through challenging times, spending time in a rehabilitation center, battling alcohol addiction.





Brad Pitt’s striking appearance is the result of his dedicated workouts, strong will, and self-discipline.


Currently, Pitt adheres to a healthy lifestyle. In one interview, he noted that he pays special attention to proper nutrition on weekdays but allows himself to relax on weekends.


Brad Pitt also emphasized that sports remain an integral part of his life. The actor visits the gym four times a week.


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