Important reason why there are black dots on your car’s windscreen – you had better know what it means

The black dots, called a “marvel of engineering” by experts, are often overlooked. They are part of the frit band, a rough-textured enamel paint strip that frames the windshield’s edge. This band plays a pivotal role in securing the windshield to the vehicle by providing a better grip for the glass and glue.

Additionally, the black frame acts as a sun guard, protecting the adhesive from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. It prevents the adhesive bond from weakening due to constant exposure to direct sunlight.

The dot matrix, a series of dots that gradually decrease in size, helps distribute temperature evenly across the windshield during production. This prevents optical distortion or “lensing,” which can make straight lines appear curved on the glass.

Moreover, the disappearing black dot matrix creates a visually appealing transition from the black frit border to the transparent glass. It also enhances the windshield’s structural integrity, making it less vulnerable to damage.

So, those black dots on your windshield are not just there for looks; they are a vital part of your car’s engineering.

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