Influencer Sofia Valim Has Died Aged 19

Maria Sofia Valim Dead: The 19-year-old influencer has tragically died two days after a liver transplant.
Credit: @sofiavalim/Instagram

Influencer Maria Sofia Valim has tragically died aged 19 years old. 

The Brazillian star was born in Fortaleza and she became a popular content creator during the Covid pandemic.

She had over 109,000 Instagram followers and more than 470,000 TikTok fans at the time of writing.

The influencer, whose father Vitor Valim is a city mayor, would share snapshots into her life as a law student, as well as lifestyle, travel and fashion content.

Fans were left devastated when it was announced she had passed away on December 9

The heartbreaking news was shared by Valim’s dad, who referred to his daughter by her middle name – which she typically used.

He said: “My eldest daughter Sofia is experiencing a serious health problem, which has led to her joining the queue for a liver transplant this morning.”Two days later, Vitor revealed that the 19-year-old had gone through with the liver transplant.

“After following the legal procedures and joining the liver transplant queue, Sofia was able to find a donor due to the urgency of her case,” he continued in a follow-up.

Maria Sofia Valim
Influencer Maria Sofia Valim has tragically died aged 19 years old. Credit: @sofiavalim/Instagram

“This morning a compatible donor was found and the surgery was carried out successfully. However, the next 48 hours will still be an observation period so that we can find out if Sofia’s body will accept the new organ.

“I would like to express my sincerest thanks to the donor’s family for their sensitivity and for helping to restore my daughter’s life. God bless you. Please continue with your prayers and sending positive energy in this new stage of Sofia’s fight.”

The heartbroken politician announced that his daughter had died on Saturday.


Maria Sofia Valim
Fans have paid tribute to Maria Sofia Valim on social media. Credit: @sofiavalim/Instagram

He said (per Globo1): “It is with the deepest pain and sadness that I inform everyone of the passing of my beloved daughter Sofia. Unfortunately, her body couldn’t resist

“I thank everyone for the prayers and affection dedicated to me and my family in this moment of extreme suffering.”

At the time of writing, it has yet to be revealed what prompted Valim’s health problems which resulted in her needing a liver transplant.

Many people have taken to Valim’s Instagram account and paid tribute, with one fan penning: “A girl with a surreal energy, a beautiful smile and exuding love and kindness.

“I found your profile this year on TikTok, but I feel like I lost someone very close to me. May God comfort the hearts of the entire family.”

Another adds: “May God welcome you with open arms! You were and always will be very special,” alongside a red love heart emoji.

While a third comments: “May God comfort the hearts of the family and friends.”

Valim’s former teacher, Aluisio Cavalcante Junior, has also made a moving tribute to the Instagram star under her father’s announcement, saying: “Sofia was my student. I remember your sweetness and affection during our time together.

“There are no words to be said at this moment, just one certainty: her life was special, she was very loved, especially by her family, followed by the love of her friends, and she left many beautiful seeds in the hearts of those who had the pleasure of being with her… It was an honour being your daughter’s teacher.”

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