The dog covered a two-year-old child for two days to save him from frost: a respectful act


Altai Republic, Russia. Siberia which is famous for severe frosts and terrible icy nights giving only the smallest chance for human survival.


This is where this terrifying story took place, which made people shiver with horror and cry with affection at the same time.


One day in winter, residents of Loktevsky District noticed a dog, which had been lying on the neighbor’s porch for two days. Concerned people approached and saw that under him there was a little child.


It turned out that the mother of this 2-year-old boy had left him on the porch. The boy would’ve had no chance for survival, but the dog living in the area of that house covered him with his body.



Thanks to the dog’s warm body and fluffy fur the baby had been able to bear the frosty weather for 2 days. The boy was then taken to hospital. Despite severe hypothermia and general deterioration of his health, the boy survived.




The mother is now deprived of parental rights and faces imprisonment. The dog is considered a hero, as he became a real guardian angel for his little owner. He wasn’t even afraid to sacrifice his life for the boy. Fortunately, this didn’t happen and the dog survived as well.

This case is another proof that dogs are much better than people. The dog was starving and freezing while protecting the child from certain death, unlike his negligent mother who, by the way, couldn’t be found for another 4 days after the incident.

If only the dog had the right to adopt the boy…what do you think?!


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