The Sun you choose will tell about your most secret personality


Which sun caught your attention first?


The sun was worshipped in Egypt, ancient Greece and Kievan Rus. Remember the Egyptian god Ra, the radiant Helios and the Slavic Dazhbog and Yaril. At the end of the Roman era, many deities were endowed with solar characteristics (Mitra, Christ).


After all, the sun sends its energy to the earth, gives life, warms. If you miss sunny days, you will like this test.


Choose the sun that you like the most and find out what it means to you.



Sun № 1


You try to think positively. The world seems beautiful and mysterious to you. For you, the glass is always half full. You know how to overcome obstacles and don’t let life bring you to your knees.

You are a balanced, kind and prudent person. You think it’s better to keep silent so as not to offend the person inadvertently. You easily make contact and find a common language with any person.

Sun № 2

You respect others and demand respect for yourself. You value your personal space – your own and those around you. You don’t like big companies and crowds of people.

You hate it when outsiders interfere in your life and try to give you advice. Honesty comes first for you. You are a kind and noble person. But be careful! Many people use it.

Sun № 3

You are a curious and inquisitive person, you like to find out new things, to learn. You devote a lot of time to self-education. You are not afraid of the unknown.

Adventure and romance beckon you. You hate lies and hypocrisy. You try to always keep your promises. You don’t lock yourself in, you are always open to others. You like to do everything yourself, without prompting.


Sun № 4


The energy is rushing from you. You don’t like to sit still. Thousands of thoughts are spinning in your head at the same time. And everything needs to be brought to life. Immediately!

You are a person who sets big goals for yourself and is not afraid to achieve them. Your perseverance and uncompromising attitude helps you in this.

Sun № 5

You like to help those who really need it. You are ready to do anything to make this world a better place. You put your soul into what you do. You radiate incredible warmth, just like the sun.

You warm those who are cold and lonely. You are a person with a big heart and a beautiful inner world. Keep giving people joy!

Sun № 6

You are a very interesting and funny person, so people like to be around you. You like to have an interesting time and know how to enjoy life. You know that every obstacle is, in fact, another step towards the goal.

You know very well how to distinguish constructive criticism from destructive criticism, from which there is no benefit. You are the person people usually turn to for advice, your values set you apart from others.

Sun № 7

You have a lot of goals, and everything must be achieved. And immediately. What a pity that there are only 24 hours in a day. You have so much to do! You use every free minute to bring your dream closer.

People think that you are energetic and persistent, never give up. You are actually a fighter who has experienced a lot in life, but continues to fight. No matter what, you have a positive influence on others.

Sun № 8

Your patience and endurance can be envied. You don’t like hurting others, it’s not easy to offend you. You are a mature and reasonable person, people like to be in your company.

First, you think about everything, and then you begin to act. This avoids many mistakes. You push love into the background, your priority is to realize your dream, to achieve your goal.


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