Grandparents Want to Deprive Their Son & Granddaughter of Christmas Presents

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On December 5, 2023, an anonymous female contributor turned to Reddit’s “AITA” forum to share her story. The Original Poster, aged 67, and her husband, also 67, had three children and seven grandchildren. Their youngest son, Merlin, now 34, had two children with his wife. The twins, 13 years old, included a boy named Townes and a girl named Emaline.

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The elderly couple frequently spent time with all of their children and grandchildren, harboring deep affection for each one. Townes, their athletic grandson, was passionate about baseball. Despite being sporty, he also had a sensitive side and wasn’t afraid to express his emotions through tears when saddened.

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Emaline, on the other hand, displayed artistic inclinations, dedicating her time to painting, drawing, and knitting. OP and her husband took great joy in supporting their grandkids’ diverse passions and interests as much as they could.

Witnessing Townes’ emotional distress, the couple offered their support and encouraged him to open up.

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Every year, OP and her husband hosted the Christmas breakfast at their house, a cherished tradition that brought the entire family together. The grandkids received gifts at their respective homes before gathering at the couple’s house. There, they enjoyed a meal before unwrapping presents specially prepared by the grandparents. The older couple also made sure to select thoughtful gifts for their children and their spouses.

What Did the Grandparents Discover?

On Sunday, December 3, OP had the pleasure of welcoming all of their children and grandkids for a joint effort in decorating for Christmas. Following some joyful decorating moments, they took a break to prepare dinner.

“When dinner was ready, Merlin and his wife were joking about how their kids may “be on the naughty list” after they got in trouble at school. We asked what happened,” recalled OP.

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It turned out that Townes had found himself in trouble for an unusual reason—he had been selling snacks at school. He had formed a friendship with a boy from Panama during a vacation a few months earlier. Sharing a love for baseball, the two friends exchanged gifts, souvenirs, and snacks from their respective countries.

However, Townes admitted to selling some of the snacks from his Panamanian friend, with the boy’s consent. This entrepreneurial venture, though, violated school rules, resulting in Townes receiving a two-day detention. To add to the gravity of the situation, his baseball coach expressed disappointment, a sentiment unfamiliar to Townes, who was typically known as a well-behaved kid.

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Upon discovering Townes’ recent disciplinary issue, OP and her husband turned their attention to Emaline, inquiring about her involvement. Emaline remained tight-lipped, claiming she was facing unfair bullying related to the incident. Witnessing Townes’ emotional distress, the couple offered their support and encouraged him to open up.

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“[Townes] said that Emaline had said some racist things to a Hispanic boy, making jokes about his culture and heritage and how she got suspended for 3 days and that she was getting some pushback, but he thought it was justified pushback,” recounted OP.

Their Final Decision

Concerned about the gravity of the situation, the grandparents discussed the matter privately. They decided to involve Merlin in the conversation, expressing their apprehension about Emaline’s behavior. In response, Merlin mentioned that both kids had faced consequences, suggesting equal concern for Townes.

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The couple disagreed, emphasizing the distinct nature of each incident and urging Merlin to address Townes’ emotional well-being. However, Merlin dismissed their concerns. “We then told [Merlin] if he didn’t take these actions that [he] and Emaline wouldn’t be getting Christmas gifts,” revealed OP. This prompted Merlin to discuss the matter with his wife, visibly unsettling her.

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“When they got home, [Merlin] called me to say I was acting immature and overstepping my bounds. He said that he’s the parent and that [he] and his wife get to call the shots in his house and said we were being petty,” expressed OP. The grandmother wondered if threatening not to get her son and granddaughter Christmas presents really made her the “AH.”

The Online Reaction

OP’s narrative garnered an impressive response online, with a large majority unanimously declaring her the “AH” for how she had handled everything. Let’s have a look at a few comments worth mentioning:

Do you feel OP and her husband were wrong for not wanting to give their son and granddaughter Christmas gifts based on what they learned over dinner? What would you do if you were in their place?

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