My Greedy Mother-in-Law Ate My Dinner & Made a Facebook Post Instead of Apologizing

A woman took to Reddit to find out if she was being unreasonable in her reaction to her mother-in-law’s actions when she had made her entire family dinner. She was horrified by the event.

The woman shared that her mother-in-law was at her house for dinner and clarified that unless it were a big event, her family would eat in the lounge, leaving her to dish everyone’s portion and serve it to them.

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The woman clarified that she had no issues plating everyone’s meal and taking it to them. She had made Swedish meatballs in gravy with mashed potato, broccoli, and homemade bread, which she dished and served to her family. However, what happened next bothered her.

What Did the Woman’s Mother-In-Law Do?

After the woman served her family their dinner, she left her portion in the kitchen while she went outside to attend to some laundry she had hung out on earlier. She then returned to her kitchen to retrieve her food.

Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes | Source: Getty Images

The woman dished each portion generously, plating up more than she thought her family would ever be able to eat. However, when she returned to the kitchen, the food she had dished for herself was gone. She shared:

“I asked if anyone knew what had happened to the food on the bench, and MIL pipes up and says she wanted some more.”

After her mother-in-law told her what happened, the woman noticed her mother-in-law’s plate was piled with meatballs. The woman thought her mother-in-law had dished more food than she could eat.

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Although the woman was shocked, she believed perhaps she had made too little food for her mother-in-law and decided to get fast food later on that night as she thought her mother-in-law may have been “super hungry.” Yet her mother-in-law’s following actions shocked her.

What Happened Next?

The woman was okay with her mother-in-law taking her portion of food but was upset with what happened next. When her mother-in-law had eaten her fill, she asked if she could have a container to take the remaining food home for dinner the next night.

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She was highly annoyed at her mother-in-law and told her that the food left was meant to be her dinner for that night, not for her mother-in-law to take home with her for dinner the next night.

After hearing this, the woman’s mother-in-law told her she could have the remaining food. The woman declined, explaining she didn’t want to eat her mother-in-law’s leftover dinner and giving her a container to take the food home.

Later, the woman’s husband asked her what was wrong. She explained that she was upset because she had cooked the meal and didn’t get to eat it and was hungry. The woman’s husband agreed and texted his mom to let her know she was out of line and asked her to apologize.

However, instead of apologizing, the woman’s mother said she had been rude and should have cooked more, anticipating that her mother-in-law might want to take food home with her.

The mother-in-law then took to social media to share the story, with those who saw the posts saying the woman was a bad hostess and wrong for not cooking enough for her mother-in-law to take food home. She said:

“I should also add I’m currently pregnant, and I feel like I can be quite unreasonable at times due to hormones.”

The answer to her question was resounding, with many netizens telling her that she was not being unreasonable at all for expecting to be able to eat the meal she had cooked. Many supported her by saying her mother-in-law was rude for expecting leftovers.

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