“On the day I retired, my son and daughter-in-law said they had a special gift for me. When I saw what they had done for me, I was speechless.”

I raised my son entirely on my own, working diligently throughout my life and investing a lot in his development. I wanted him to be able to stand on his own two feet in the future, and luckily, it all worked out. My son graduated from university and found a good job. He got married, became a father himself, and now he and his family live separately, living very well, I must say. When I decided it was time to retire, my son and daughter-in-law said they wanted to come and visit me. I was overjoyed and told them I would eagerly await their arrival.

When they arrived, they gave me a gift that left me speechless. On the day of my retirement, my son and daughter-in-law presented me with a one-bedroom apartment. They handed me the keys and even invited me to a notary. I was so stunned that I couldn’t even form a coherent sentence. I initially declined, telling them they shouldn’t spend so much on me because I didn’t need it.
However, my son was persistent. He explained that the apartment would be a bonus to my pension, allowing me to rent it out and receive additional income. They had already thought everything through. Even though I continued to decline, my son simply said, “Mom, don’t argue,” and that was the end of it.

Despite the ups and downs in my son and daughter-in-law’s relationship over the years, it seemed that everything had fallen into place in recent times. When their relatives found out about the gift, my daughter-in-law called me to congratulate and praise herself for raising her daughter to be so caring.

 However, she also made a somewhat snide comment about how she wouldn’t have accepted the apartment herself and would have thought of her grandson and refused it in his favor. This made me feel somewhat embarrassed because I never asked my son for anything, and they came up with this idea themselves.

I spent many sleepless nights worrying about it and eventually decided to offer the apartment to my grandson. At the time, he was sixteen, and he was soon going to university, so I thought it might be appropriate. However, he immediately declined, saying he planned to earn money for his own place and didn’t want to accept such an easy gift. I realized I had raised my son well, and he continued my legacy!

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