“A New Life”: what happened to the triplet-sisters whose parents left them

Still during pregnancy the mother of these triplet-sisters was told that two of the girls were Siamese. That’s why right after the labor she left the children, and they ended up in a boarding school.

The girls got their names there – Mackenzie, Madeline and Maisie. No one had a hope, that anyone would want to adopt the triplets with this problem. Long years of loneliness awaited them.

Imagine how surprised the staff was, when the babies got immediately adopted by Harrisons, who already had 3 sons.

Darla and Jeff made a lot of effort and spent a lot of money on the girls’ treatment. Fortunately, everything was successful. The girls were successfully separated.

This gave them the chance to a normal and complete life.

They grew up to be independent and active girls with very interesting personalities. They are all different but love each other.

People are still happy for the children. wish there were more such wonderful stories!

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