“Decade Later”: Mother Returns to Abandoned Home, Discovers Heart-wrenching Truth That Brings Tears

More than ten years ago, something really sad happened in Yaroslavl, and the people there will always remember it.

It all started when a neighbor heard a baby crying. The neighbor didn’t think much of it and went on with their day. But the next day, the baby was still crying, and it was coming from a house. No one saw anyone inside, and the lights were always off.

The neighbors got worried and called the police. When the police went inside the house, it was empty. The people who lived there had taken everything and disappeared, leaving behind only their baby.

The baby, named Liza Verbitskaya, was found in a dirty room and had been alone for a few days. They couldn’t find her parents, and it seemed like they might be gone.

Liza was taken to the hospital, and there she met a woman named Inna Nika, who was taking care of her sick son. Inna heard Liza crying and felt a strong desire to take care of her. She visited Liza every day, bringing her food, clothes, and toys.

One day, Inna realized that Liza was not in her hospital room anymore. She found out that Liza had been sent to an orphanage. Inna visited the orphanage and decided to adopt Liza.

When Liza was two years old, the adoption was finalized. She was still scared, couldn’t chew food, and was afraid of loud noises. Liza looked different from her new family, but she became really beautiful. She started modeling and became famous in Russia. People who used to make fun of her now respected her when she won talent competitions as a teenager.

Liza’s biological mother tried to contact her after she became famous, but Liza decided not to meet her. The person who saved Liza’s life is Inna, her adoptive mother, who had a special place in her heart for this abandoned child with a unique story.

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