Life and Appearance of Identical Triplets: Two Decades Later

Having a baby is a special time for every woman. It’s exciting and joyful. But sometimes, moms worry about what might happen and their condition.

This happened to a woman in Iran 20 years ago. She thought she would have one baby, but she got a surprise – three identical girls named Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz. The family was happy despite being poor. The parents gave the best to their daughters and supported their education.

As the girls grew up, they realized that in Iran, it’s not common for women to work or express themselves. So, they decided to move to London for better opportunities. Their dad supported them financially.

In London, the sisters became models and worked with big brands, earning a good income. They share their stylish photos on social media, trying to look similar to each other.

Although they haven’t become famous worldwide yet, the sisters are confident in their successful future. They appreciate their parents’ support and are grateful for the life they have now.

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