Vera Wang Remains Unchanged for Over 50 Years. She Reveals the Secrets of Her Unreal Youth

A few years ago, the name of designer Vera Wang became known even to those far from the fashion world. At the age of 70, she shared a photo that made everyone doubt their vision. Four years later, Vera continues to amaze everyone with her youthful appearance and toned figure.

The photo that started it all…

© verawang / Instagram

In May 2020, the famous designer, who was 70 at the time posted an Instagram photo showing her wearing a cropped sports bra and white shorts along with a sparkly hair accessory from her own fashion line. The photo collected more than 34,000 likes and a slew of comments, mostly of people gushing over her youthful looks and asking her the secret behind her incredible physique.

Wang herself doesn’t really understand what all this hype is about, declaring, “I don’t get it.”

© verawang / Instagram

Speaking on the context in which the now famous photo was taken, Wang shared that everything happened in a natural, sporadic way. She noted, “If we planned something like this, it would’ve never happened.”

The 73-year-old explained that she simply was about to go on the treadmill when a friend asked to take her photo.

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