“Younger Brother’s Touching Gesture”: Choosing His Down Syndrome Sister as Maid of Honor

Sibling love is really special because it’s unconditional. Brothers and sisters might fight and argue, but they’ll always be there for you.

I’m lucky to have both sisters and brothers, and I’d do anything to help them when they need it, no matter how we’re feeling about each other at the time.

This story is about Chris Garafola, who’s from Vermont, and his sister Brittany, who has Down syndrome. As they grew up, their bond became even stronger. When Chris met Tatiana and decided to marry her, he knew Brittany had to be a part of it.

Chris and Tatiana decided to wait for Brittany to get her COVID-19 shot before they got married. Brittany got her vaccine in February 2021, and the wedding planning began.

In March 2021, Chris, who’s also a model, posted a video where Tatiana talked to Brittany on FaceTime. Tatiana asked Brittany to be her maid of honor, and Brittany was overjoyed and said yes.

So, in April 2021, Chris and Tatiana got married, and Brittany was their maid of honor.

They surprised Brittany with a special ring to mark the day. Chris said that Brittany has been his best friend from the beginning, and that won’t change even though he’s married. The photos of Chris, Tatiana, and Brittany on their wedding day became really popular online because they show a lot of love.

You can watch the video of the moment when Chris and Tatiana asked Brittany to be the maid of honor below.

We love the strong bond between Chris and Brittany as siblings. It’s just so adorable!

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