Mariah Carey’s Partner Announces Their Breakup with ‘Honest’ Statement – ‘Round of Applause,’ Fan Says

Mariah Carey’s longtime partner, Bryan Tanaka, announced their breakup with an “honest” statement on social media. His candid message earned respect and a “round of applause” from heartbroken fans. Supporters also recalled “all” Tanaka did for the singing diva and “how much love” he brought to her life.

The longtime partner of musical icon Mariah Carey, 54, has recently announced their split. Bryan Tanaka, 40, posted a statement to his social media account confirming the news.

In a heartfelt message, Tanaka spoke about being incredibly grateful for the seven remarkable years he and Carey spent together. He also mentioned how the wonderful and invaluable memories, creative passions, and pursuits the duo shared will forever be remembered by him.

Tanaka reiterated how much of a source of inspiration the “Emotions” singer is to him and pointed out her unrelenting dedication and commitment to her family. The professional dancer added, “I want to express my love and appreciation for Mariah and her incredible children, whose warmth and kindness have enriched my life in ways words cannot capture.”

He ended his statement by asking for respect and privacy from the public at this time and thanked fans for all their love and support. Though some expressed being heartbroken and “crushed,” fans had nothing but respect for Tanaka’s candid message, which they praised as “honest.”

One fan was so impressed by Tanaka’s words that he stated, “This is how a true gentleman does it. Round of applause to you.” Another particularly moved fan commented, “We are grateful for you and your presence in Mariah’s life and will cherish those years! It was amazing to see all you did and how much love you brought to Mariah!”

Tanaka and Carey’s romance began when he made the public aware of his deep love for the artist in 2016. He clarified that he had always had a crush on Carey, even before they started dating.

Though the duo’s relationship only turned romantic after some time, they had already been good friends which was fostered over years of working together prior to their romantic relationship. Although usually private, Carey also made the public aware of her love for Tanaka when she confirmed their romance by posting a steamy picture of the two sipping some champagne in a tub on Valentine’s Day.

However, the musical star still maintained her privacy regarding details about their relationship and previously said, “I just don’t feel comfortable talking about my personal life…Me and my boyfriend don’t want to do that.” The news about the former couple’s breakup came after Carey mentioned that she had not had a great Christmas last year.

The “All I Want For Christmas Is You” artist said she was looking forward to this year’s celebration, as last year’s festive season was not all that fun for her, though she didn’t give a specific reason as to why.

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