Angelina Jolie Buys a House Worth $25 Million in Los Feliz, California Near Brad Pitt’s Home

Being one of the highly-paid top celebrities recognized all over the globe has its perks. The Eternal’s star, Angelina Jolie, has bought a house worth $25 million in Los Feliz, north of Los Angeles, California, which she revealed to be close to her ex-husband, Brad Pitt’s home, so their children can visit him any time.

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In 2017, Angelina and her six children moved into their Hollywood mansion previously owned by legendary filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille of The Ten Commandments movie. Located in a gated 2.1-acre area in Laughlin Park, the property has a stunning panoramic view across the famous Griffith Observatory and the Pacific Ocean. The mansion boasts of six bedrooms and ten bathrooms, with a swimming pool, a family gymnasium, a teahouse, a wine cellar, and landscaped gardens.

Image credit: FOX News Angelina and her kids (From L to R): Knox Leon, Vivienne, Pax Thien, Shiloh, Zahara Marley, and Maddox Chivan

The interior decorations are amazing, and it has a breath-taking view of the city of Los Angeles at night. The main house has been completely renovated, though the exterior part of the property has been retained in its original style for elegance.

“I love most that there is no entertainment room, but lots of pathways and places to walk and think,” Angelina told British Vogue“I wanted it to be close to their dad, who is only five minutes away.”

–> Here are some photos of the interior and exterior sections of Angelina Jolie’s Hollywood mansion:

Image credit: LA Times, Variety The first thing you see when you enter the mansion is an elegant foyer with a curved staircase. Dark wood furniture and cream walls painted with French semi-circular windows look natural and comfortable.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety This is one of three living rooms where Angelina and her kids relax and entertain. There is a fireplace fronting the luxurious sofa.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety A dream kitchen with white cupboards and marble counters has a large space for Angelina to prepare meals for her six children.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety A library with high-end type shelves and floor-to-ceiling ladders give the perfect ambiance for Angelina and the kids to read and study.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety This room is one of the six bedrooms, with a stunning view of Los Angeles from the back door at night. Decorations retain the same vintage elegance as the other sections of the mansion.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety An en-suite bathroom from the master’s bedroom with an oversized bathtub and scented candles. You can imagine Angelina Jolie spending her days with a relaxing bubble bath in here.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety The mansion has a fully-equipped gym and a glass door that provides access to the garden and swimming pool.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety Here is one of two outdoor pools with beach loungers where you can go sunbathing.
Image credit: LA Times, Variety The large estate has lots of footwalks surrounded by high trees and bushes, which adds more privacy to the mansion. Angelina and the kids can relax and not worry about being disturbed by the neighbors or paparazzi trying to sneak in to take photos.

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