Hilarious Photo of a Husband Who Fainted When His Wife Has Given Birth

The most wonderful moment a woman experiences in life besides being married to the love of her life is giving birth to an amazing baby who will grow up to be an amazing person. Although this may be the perfect moment in a married woman’s life, some fathers may not be able to withstand the temporary trauma of childbirth.

A woman managed to smile and take a selfie after she has just given birth. Wearing a surgical cap and her delivery room attire, she was able to take a hilarious photo of her husband unconscious on the floor minutes after has she given birth.

Although a mother can overcome the trauma of the birth process, it seems that her husband could not take that moment and soon passed out.

The woman managed to smile and become photogenic for a selfie while her husband is lying on the floor in the background.

Her husband, clad in full scrubs, could be seen passed out and lying on the floor in the background of the photo. When it is usually the mother who needed much medical attention after childbirth, it seems that the nurses were tending to him more.

Even the nurse who carried the newborn baby was preoccupied with the man who passed out, rather than tending to the baby and the mother.

Wearing full scrubs, the husband can be seen being tended to by three of the delivery room nurses.

The hilarious moment was posted on Instagram and in less than a day has garnered hundreds of “likes” and comments from netizens.

Credits to: worthfeed/Instagram

Here are some of the comments about the hilarious photo posted on Instagram:

“Great encouragement and great memories for years to come… Enjoy it.”

“That man will never go through this.”

“Oh my gosh, that poor man doesn’t know what he’s for.”

“Laughing silly. And that’s why we gave birth, we were stronger.”

Some of the comments about the photo are being compared to real-life experiences.

This would be a great story to tell the children when they grow up.

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