72yo Lynda Carter, the Original Wonder Woman, Still has an Astonishing Beauty that is Compared to the New Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot

The DC Extended Universe (DCEU) superhero film, “Wonder Woman”, which was released in 2017, had a global box office hit of US$821 million. The movie started a trend of ‘female power’ around the world and prompted a sequel entitled “Wonder Woman 1984”, which was released on Christmas Day of 2020. Hawk-eyed moviegoers were on the lookout for easter eggs in the film, which were related to the protagonist of the movie and other Justice League members.

Fans at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood for the world premiere of “Wonder Woman” in 2017 were in for a treat when not only 1 but 2 actresses who played the heroine and her alter ego, Princess Diana of Themyscira, were present at the event. When the 2 women met, many fans recognized the other woman as 72-year-old Lynda Carter, who played the protagonist in the TV series in the 1970s.

Many fans who watched the series in the 1970s recognized some of the costumes that Gal Gadot wore in the movie, which were considered a tribute to the original Wonder Woman, played by Lynda Carter.

Lynda Carter portrayed the superhero in the series between 1975 and 1979. The show had action scenes as well as drama and comedy. Although there were many scenes showing the Amazon women, people who watched the series mostly glued their eyes on Diana Prince. The low-cut red and gold bustier vest and the star-spotted blue shorts emphasized Lynda’s shapely body, which attracted many male fans.

Lynda Carter, born Lynda Jean Cordova Carter in 1951, is of English, Irish, Spanish, and Mexican descent. She is a beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss World USA 1972 and finished in the top 15 at the Miss World 1972 pageant, with a height of 5 feet and 7 inches. Her beautiful facial features and sweet smile garnered her millions of fans around the world in a short amount of time.

Many believe that Lynda Carter was made for the role of Wonder Woman/Diana Prince in the 1970s TV series. Her slender body, long shapely legs, and towering height made her the perfect epitome of the female protagonist. Her appearance on the small screen was so striking that Wonder Woman enthusiasts were on the lookout for a new episode every week. Even the producers of the show agree that Lynda Carter was perfect for the role.

In addition to Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter has also made appearances in other TV series, such as “Law & Order”“Smallville”, and “Terror Peak”. Her timeless beauty never faded through generations. Although she is already in her 70s, Lynda still oozes with charm!

Gal Gadot, the newest Wonder Woman of the DC Universe, is thrilled with Lynda Carter’s cameo appearance in the mid-credits scene of her latest movie, Wonder Woman 1984, as the legendary Amazon warrior, Asteria. Her character left Diana Prince’s golden armor behind for Wonder Woman’s benefit. It will also become a great foreshadowing of the next movie!

▼ Let’s take a look at the opening scene of Wonder Woman 1984 as Diana Prince trains to be one of the female warriors of her kingdom:

Credits to: 華納兄弟台灣 (Warner Bros. Taiwan)/YouTube

Witnessing the 2 generations of actresses who portrayed Wonder Woman come together in an event and appear together in a movie is the chance of a lifetime! Wonder Woman enthusiasts are eager and awaiting the new DCU movie starring Gal Gadot and hopefully, Lynda Carter, who they hope will appear in more scenes with Diana Prince.

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