Smart Dog Stood In Line to Buy Meat and Paid the Sellers with a Leaf

The one rule that society kept in mind is “Quid pro quo”, which means “something for something” or “a favor for a favor”. If you want something, you will need money to buy it. However, animals do not understand this matter. They only imitate what they see. Since they learned that we give money to buy something, they assume that they need something in exchange for what they want.

Recently, many people have lined up to buy food at a barbecue stall located outdoors. The people noticed that there was a dog who arrived with a leaf in its mouth and stood behind the last person in the queue. They guessed that the dog probably saw people handing over money to buy things they needed, so the dog needed to bring something in exchange for food. For this matter, a leaf looked similar to paper money, according to the dog’s view, so it brought a leaf in exchange for food it wanted to buy.



The dog’s gesture did not go unnoticed by the boss of the stall. When it was finally the dog’s turn in front of the line, he grilled a skewer of barbecue, especially for the dog. After the barbecue cooled down, he took the leaf from the dog’s mouth and exchanged it with the skewer. The stall’s owner witnessed the happiness in the dog’s eyes upon receiving the barbecue, and he felt contented.

A dog’s world is very simple. Hopefully, they will all be treated with tenderness and care. Thanks to this boss for his charity, your business will definitely get better and better!

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