Mom explains why she spends over $12,000 on Christmas gifts for her kids

A mom has hit back at the trolls after revealing she’s spending over $12,000 on her kids this Christmas.

British TikToker Whitney Ainscough has three children – Adley, aged two, Addison, 6, and Cora, 11 – and she’s set to spend an eye-watering amount on them all this Christmas.

The TikToker – who goes by @itsmebadmom on the platform – was living on Universal Credit as a result of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

The benefits saw the 30-year-old – who lives in the UK – receive monthly payouts of just under $1,521.06 every month to help support her family.

However, being on the income support didn’t stop Whitney from giving her children the Christmas she thinks they deserve.

The mom is set to spend over $12,000 on her kids this Christmas. Credit: TikTok/ @itsmebadmom
The mom is set to spend over $12,000 on her kids this Christmas. Credit: TikTok/ @itsmebadmom

The mom – who has since stopped claiming benefits after making an income as an influencer – tells The Sun she’ll be spending around a whopping $12,000 on her children’s gifts this year,

She says: “I am spoiling my kids because they deserve it. […] I’ve saved my benefits. It’s been a hard year. We deserve posh presents. I told the kids they can have whatever they want.”

Basically, Whitney thinks, ‘Why not?’ when it comes to spending her benefits on gifts for her kids, arguing she’s ‘legally entitled’ to the money after having worked as a chemist for ‘many years’ before, only stopping because the ‘wraparound childcare costs’ after she had Adley became ‘too expensive’.

She defends: “I put in, so it’s fine to take out.”

But what could her kids possibly want which totals around $12,000?!

The mom is using money she's saved from being on benefits. Credit: TikTok/ @itsmebadmom
The mom is using money she’s saved from being on benefits. Credit: TikTok/ @itsmebadmom

Well, Whitney explains her daughter has been asking ‘all year’ for ‘a $1.5k solid gold bracelet,’ arguing it’s ‘an investment’ for her child.

“She loves fancy things and she’s a good girl who is kind and polite,” the mom adds.

Whitney’s daughter also wants ‘more acrylic nails and hair extensions for the holidays’ and one of her sons wants ‘a top-of-the-range VR gaming kit (worth over $500) and the latest iPhone and iPad’.

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Oh, and some designer trainers and clothes, of course.

Whitney’s youngest won’t be missing out – despite only being two years old – either, set to be gifted a two night stay at Peppa Pig World.

“And it will be first class all the way,” the mom continues. “I’ll probably get him a iPhone too.”

The mom set a budget of around $2.5k per child. Credit: TikTok/ @itsmebadmom
The mom set a budget of around $2.5k per child. Credit: TikTok/ @itsmebadmom

Overall – not including each child’s ‘day trips’ – the mom is budgeting ‘around $2,500 per kid.

The mom resolves: “I don’t care what the trolls think. I’m a benefits mum, living in a council house who’s spending thousands on her kids for Christmas and I’m proud.

“[…] I adore my kids and I am planning to spoil them rotten. But I don’t feel the need to spend on myself, ironically. Seeing them happy on December 25 is all I need. I don’t actually want lavish gifts.”

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