“As like as three peas”: How the triplets look 18 years later

It’s not a secret that raising even one child is a great effort and responsibility. Now imagine, many mothers happen to have two, or even three children at one time. Hard to imagine how they manage to take care of so many children all together.

Today we’ll learn about a family where such a magic happened. The spouses have been together for already 20 years, and are raising three wonderful daughters – triplets.

For 2 years after the wedding, the couple didn’t even think about having a baby, then they decided it was time. However, when the found out they were going to have three baby-girls at once, their happiness turned into shock.

The following  9 months passed faster than expected. And the young parents managed to get used to the upcoming members. But they couldn’t even imagine how hard it was to bring up 3 children at the same time.

Luckily, the girls were healthy full-term babies. Besides, they looked extremely alike. In addition to this resemblance, their happy parents bought them similar clothes, so it was impossible to distinguish them.

So the girls grew up surrounded with love and care and stayed friendly despite their age and different personalities. The fact, that they are like three peas, doesn’t mean they can’t have different manners and temper.

Now the three sisters are studying in the same university, working as models and traveling the world. And all of these, of course, they are doing together.

Looking at them it seems unbelievable that one might look so similar to someone else. Do you agree?

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