“Only 3’6ft tall”: Very short James Lusted’s wife and their daughter: what they look like

James Lusted was born in Great Britain. Unfortunately, he didn’t grow more than 3’6ft, but this didn’t stop the man to get married and become popular.

Surrounding him people don’t even notice that he looks kind of different. After all, the important thing is that he’s a talented, successful and kind person. Many people believe that a bright future awaits the man.

By the way, James has always been smaller than his peers since childhood. Because of this the guy used to always have complexes.

James was also afraid he would never find his love and build a family. However, all of that was in vain!

When Lusted met Chloe, he realized – she was his destiny. After only 2 dates, the girl also fell in love with this kind and cheerful man. And after a few years relationship, the couple got married.

By the way, Chloe is 5’5ft tall, so in order to reach his beloved one during the wedding ceremony, James had to get on the ladder.

In 2019 another member entered the family – the couple had a daughter named Olivia. Luckily, she was born absolutely healthy!

Now the baby is 2 years old. She is growing up surrounded with love and care. And her father is the happiest man in the world, as his greatest wish came true!

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