“Healthy and Happy”: What the Spouses Look Like Now, Whose Total Weight Was Over 300kg

One of the biggest problems of today’s society is obesity. Recently, people with this kind of problem were suggested to just love their body. Thus, supporters of body-positive appeared. However, excess weight is not only the appearance of the person, but also health condition, that obviously cannot be normal when the scales show a three digit number.

Today we will tell you about a married couple – Lexi and Danny Reed. The young couple officially married in 2018. That time their weight in total reached the mark of 347kg. And just in their case, it could be said, that not the appearance, but the soul is the most important.

Usually, the couple’s plan for evenings was watching movies and in order to make it better, the lovers arranged dinners consisting of a large amount of sweets, fast food and soda.

They started to seriously consider their weight when they got a check-up and it turned put they cannot have children which they really wanted. The only way out of this situation was to pull themselves together and lose some weight. From here on their fight for happy future began.

The workouts that appeared in the couple’s daily schedule included also cycling, which was only advantageous. And the married couple’s menu now includes a variety of fruits, vegetables, fast food was completely excluded.  

Positive changes in their appearance and health were obvious immediately after the start of their healthy lifestyle. In two years they managed to get rid of 200kg in total. 

Now Danny and Lexi are unrecognizable, they have really changed. However, the most amazing thing is that they do check-ups regularly, and the results show, that the family can now be filled with another member without any damage for Lexi.

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