“Beauty with muscles”: What do we know about this girl with unusual appearance – Julie Vins?

Julia Vins cannot be called a soft girl, as in terms of physical shape she will give a head start to any adult man. The thing is, that Julia is one of the most famous female powerlifters in the world.

The ordinary and refined girl’s body and muscle transformation began gradually. 10 years ago Vins visited the gym to lose some weight and keep herself fit.

The future sportswoman got so engaged in activities, that she realized, she needed something more, than just beautiful figure. 

And now the girl is famous all over the world not only because she “made” herself such a figure, but also because of her very beautiful and attractive appearance. The girl has already been named “Hulk with a doll-face”. 

The girl thoroughly follows her diet, at the same time resorting to the help of proteins. She combines all of this with physical activities.

This year Julia has an anniversary – she is turning 25. However, by her age, she managed to become the face of a Finnish equipment manufacturing company and fitness trainer.

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