“How Unusual!”: how is the girl with huge eyes doing

Today we’ll tell you about a girl with a very unusual appearance. The baby, in fact, has very big eyes.

Melany’s parent always come across compliments to their daughter on social media, as the baby is really very beautiful. However, they can’t decide whether to be happy or sad about it, as the baby’s eyes are not just big – it’s because of Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome.

With such a diagnosis, the girl cannot go out without sunglasses, even if the sun is not so bright. However, the latter is her number one enemy.

Surely, many people treat the baby with positivity, regularly send her mom, Karina, texts with the words of support and admiration. However, there are people who are scared of such an appearance of a child.

It is because of these negative words, that Melany’s mom is concerned about her daughter’s future – how can she go further in life without facing difficulties.

Now Melany is 4 years old and has no feeling of neglect. Besides, despite the daughter’s disease, the family is happy and raises two more children.

In addition, many people think that the unusual girl has great chances of starting a modeling career, so, who knows, maybe she grows up a future star?

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