“Saved by Miracle”: what does the girl, found in garbage with a severe disease in infancy, look like now?

From time to time, it seems that the world can no more surprise us with it’s cruelty, however our today’s story will shock even the people with nerves of steel. The story began, when a couple of years ago a girl, named Sarah Conk, arrived to Haiti to work as a therapist in one of the therapeutic centers. It is known, that this region differs from others with its poverty level. Because of this, many children don’t receive proper medical care.

One day a 3-month-old little girl was brought to Sarah, who was seriously ill – she had a severe form of hydrocephalus. Kids with such a problem need special care and even in more developed countries these babies are not always able to live at least a few months. Apparently, hardly anyone needed this baby.

This little patient underwent a special operation, after which she should’ve gone home with her mom. However, the woman didn’t really want to take her seriously ill child. When finally the mother came after the baby, she was warned – the baby would have to be brought to procedures.

However, after the warning neither the mother, nor the baby visited the hospital. Sarah felt something was wrong and decided to visit them herself.

Sarah could barely find the baby in garbage and loneliness. Apparently, she was left there with no mercy. But the girl seems to have a powerful guardian angel, as on her path of life she met Sarah.

The girl takes care of the baby even now, who is already her daughter. The kid is unrecognizable! She is happy and loved, after all this is very important for every child.

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