“Identical Families”: The twins married twins and look what came out of it

Today we will introduce to you one of the unusual families in the world. The fact is, that 5 years ago during the twin festival, Brittany and Briana met Josh and Jeremy, and fell in love with each other.

A year later, they had a double wedding, and the two sisters married the brothers. Besides that, after a while, both sisters got pregnant in the same month, and both of them had boys. 

The most interesting part starts from here. Although the boys are considered brothers, genetic tests show that they are kin brothers, and not just cousins. After all their parents carry the same genes! Just how amazing the nature is!

Now the Salieris run an Instagram account, where they share their family life with their followers, the number of which grows day by day. The fans are impatiently waiting until one day the couples have twins. Then it will be a real miracle.

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