He arrived for the discharge, but his wife was not there; she had abandoned their triplets and disappeared. Years later, a doorbell rang, and there she stood on the doorstep.

I came to pick up my wife after childbirth, but she wasn’t there; she had abandoned our triplets and fled. Years later, the doorbell rang, and there she stood on the doorstep… I’m a young man who was in a relationship with a beautiful and sweet girl named. I couldn’t imagine a day without her. After a few months of dating, she moved in with me. Later, we got married. I really wanted children, but Masha insisted on living for herself a bit longer. I hoped to become a father, and miraculously, it happened: my wife became pregnant.

This period was very difficult for her – her body was weak. The childbirth was complicated, and a few hours later, the nurse came out and informed me that she had given birth to triplets: two boys and a girl. I was so overjoyed that I jumped, ran, and shouted with happiness. I went home to gather the necessary things. When I returned to the maternity ward, my wife was gone. The doctors told me that Maria had run away and hadn’t informed anyone.

I called my parents and told them what had happened. My parents and I arrived on the same day, thankfully not living far away. I raised the children together with my parents. The triplets went to kindergarten, then to school, and they all graduated with honors. They all entered university and were successful in their studies. As for me, I remained alone. I never remarried; I lost trust in women.

One day, while we were having lunch with the kids, the doorbell suddenly rang. My daughter answered the door, and there stood my ex-wife. She asked for permission to come in, and I offered her a cup of coffee. We reminisced about our youth, and suddenly she began seeking excuses. In the end, she confessed that at that time, she didn’t love me or the children. She sat there and explained that she now wanted to mend her relationship with the kids. She also asked for money because she had nowhere to live. We were shocked.

It became clear why she had suddenly reappeared. I didn’t mind my mother communicating with the children, but not when she was only seeking her own advantage. I asked her to leave the apartment and warned her never to appear in our lives again. didn’t give up; she took me to court for child support. Of course, she lost the case.

After the court, she yelled at me and the children. At that moment, my daughter said something very meaningful: “I’ve dreamt my whole life about having a mother. It was so hard for me to watch happy families of my friends who had both a mother and a father. I longed for your tender hugs and kind words. But now I realize that it’s better to be without a mother like you.”

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