“The father of 9 girls had already given up hope of ever having a son. And then his wife announced that they would have twins.”

The woman was preparing to give birth for the 9th time. Until now, she had only given birth to girls. Her husband had always hoped that the next child would be a boy but was always disappointed, and later, he accepted the situation. This time, they rushed to the hospital, and within minutes, labor began.

During the examinations, she was told that she was having twins, both girls. The father had already given up hope of having a son. The couple had already provided good conditions for their daughters, and they were ready for another child.

When the first daughter was born, the father, who had become accustomed to having daughters, did everything he needed to do and was preparing for the next arrival. Then, the doctor handed him the second child, a boy, and said, “It’s a boy.” The husband looked at him, not understanding what was happening.

He couldn’t believe it. He held the baby, examined him from all angles, and couldn’t contain his happiness. He was reluctant to give the baby back to the mother, fearing that it might turn into a girl. It’s hard to describe in words the overwhelming joy of this man, who would finally go home with his son. And he would be welcomed by his 9 daughters. Did you like the story? Tell your friends.

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