“When, after so many years since my wife’s death, I finally found my love, I didn’t yet know the difficult choice she would place before me.”

My wife passed away several years ago. Our son, , was four years old at the time. The last year of her life was very difficult for both of us. My mother took  to stay with her to shield him from witnessing his mother’s suffering. For the past five years, my son and I have been living alone.

The first year was particularly challenging. Both my son and I deeply missed her. Especially for , the absence of maternal love and warmth was profound. Fortunately, Sasha is now attending school, has made new friends, and even joined swimming classes. Meanwhile, I work and take care of my son. I hadn’t thought about my personal life until I met her.

I was at my cousin’s wedding. The children had planned everything so well, and it was a lot of fun. There, a beautiful girl invited me to a slow dance. We chatted a lot afterward. When I escorted her home, we exchanged numbers. The next day, I didn’t call her. I reminisced about the happy moments with my wife, the birth of our son, and how we eagerly anticipated his arrival. I decided to share these thoughts with my mother. She suggested that calling her would be the right thing to do.  would eventually start his own family, and I might end up alone. When I intended to call , she called me first and invited me to the movies.

I agreed. We went on a date, and I immediately told her about having a child. On her part, she mentioned being married for two years, then divorced, with no children. We started meeting more frequently. Later, I introduced her to . She visited our home, cooked delicious meals for us, and sometimes stayed overnight.

I felt good waking up next to my beloved woman. When I proposed she move in with us, she expressed concerns about my son. However,  had a good relationship with her, never saying anything negative. I decided to wait. After half a year, I proposed to her. I planned everything meticulously, wanting to make it a special day for her. When I made the proposal, she said she wouldn’t agree until I resolved the issue with my son.

Laura stated that Sasha would never accept her as his mother, and for him, she would always remain a stranger. She added that if I moved  to live with my parents, then she would agree. I don’t know what to do; he is my son. And she is my beloved woman. How could she suggest such a thing?

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