Britney Spears confirms fans’ fears that something is wrong with her.

Ordinary people cannot understand what the pop diva means. But loyal fans read Britney Spears’s messages in one go. The day before, the star published an excerpt from the cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” and admitted to fans that she felt how well they understood her.

Britney emphasized that she usually does not read what is written about her on the Internet, but the other day she made an exception. Imagine her surprise when, in the stream of hate, she saw kind comments from her fans. They, the singer says, are not mistaken: there is actually something wrong with her. “You were 100 percent right. “I don’t want to talk, because at the moment it’s beyond understanding,” the star added.

With an excerpt from a cartoon in which the prince turns into a monster, she wanted to show that appearances are deceptive. In a world, Britney says, where what’s on the outside is more important, there’s a secret that can steal a man’s heart. “The poison of the seductress is a hint,” the singer said and added that she had found someone with whom she could play these games. The final message, of course, was understood only by a select few. And we can only wait for Britney to give another clue.

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