“What a transformation!”: The fattest girl in the USA after weight loss

Jessica’s mother had always fed her till she’s full and was afraid the girl didn’t eat enough. This resulted on the girl being the fattest in America! At the age of 7 the girl weighed 222kg.

Recently Jessica has been invited to a talk-show as a guest. Everyone was amazed when they saw the girl. She changed a lot.

The reason why she looked more like a ball than a child was that she had an unhealthy diet. She used to eat an enormous amount of French fries, burgers, anything fried and salty, also she drank a lot of soda.

Little Jessica used to eat over 10.000 calories a day. At 4 the girl weighed about 100kg which affected her development process. Her frail joints weren’t able to hold her weight any more. She talked and walked with difficulty – her whole body was literally just fat.

Luckily, the doctors were quick to react and started to deal with Jessica’s treatment. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of diets, sports and the girl’s will power, she was able to lose 140kg in just 6 months. That was a great victory!

Then surgeons were to cut off her excess skin. Doctors have been restoring Jessica’s endocrine system, hormonal and mental health for a long time. In the end, everything worked out.

Currently, in this 25-year-old athletic beauty one can barely recognize the Jessica who almost died of obesity in childhood. Thank God everything ended well and now she has a fully healthy life.

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