“Great job!”: twin sisters weighing 250kg have lost weight beyond recognition

Today our story is about sisters who weighed more than 250kg. At one point they were able to pull themselves together and go back to normal life. Look how the twins are now.

Candy and Brandy have always liked to eat properly. The girls ate away stress too, and couldn’t do without sweets. Besides, their parents didn’t follow their daily menu and fed the girls with fast food every day, because they had no time.

This type of lifestyle brought about bad consequences – they began to gain weight faster. Still not teenagers, the girls weighed 100kg each and so suffered a lot.

Later, when Candy and Brandy moved away from their parents, they went on eating unhealthy food, and so their weight kept growing. Until the moment, when the doctors finally told the twins it was high time they started working on themselves.

So the girls decided to apply for fitness courses and lose some weight. They went on a diet, did exercises, and even underwent a surgery, after which their stomachs became smaller. The result didn’t take long!

Currently the girls keep running a healthy lifestyle and are getting better day by day.

Brandy got married and now has a baby. Candy has a wish to travel the world. In short, a happy future awaits them!

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