“The mother with too many children”: in 13 years the 36-year-old woman has given birth to 11 children and wants more

Nowadays, for many women having two children is already a heroic deed, as they have many chores to do and less time for it. However, this is not the case with our today’s heroine. 36-year-old Kortney managed to have 11 children in 13 years! She is married to pastor Kris, who loves and supports her.

The spouses have calculated their monthly expenses – about $1300, which is quite normal for America. In addition to this, Kortney cooks herself and buys clothes on sale only.

The number of children they have is not the only thing making the family unique. All children are home educated. The parents have developed a special methodology – the kids don’t have to spend much time at the desk.

In order for the family to fit into one car, the father has got a minivan with 15 seats.

Kortney accepts, that each one of the children gets equal care and attention from both parents. It is not easy for her to spend some time with each of them, and yet the couple wants to have more children.

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