“Without parental love”: how the 33-year-old guy lives now, who was left in the maternity hospital

Only 36 hours later, after Jono’s birth, his parents made a decision to abandon the child. However, he was lucky. After all, he was adopted by a wonderful woman named Jin Lancaster.

Jono’s biological parents left him in the hospital because he turned out to have Treacher Collins syndrome. To be more precise, the boy’s facial bones stopped developing still in the womb.

However, this disorder affects only the appearance and some abilities of the person, but not the brain, so Jono grew up just as sensible as his peers.

The boy’s new mom did her best for him to grow up a happy person. She was the one to support him, when his classmates refused to become friends with him and he was all alone.

When the guy turned 19, he was hired to work in a pub. This became another trial for Jono: he was afraid of sidelong glances and mockery. However, it was the first place where he met good and sympathetic people, so Lancaster gradually got used to himself and started to believe that he can live as an ordinary person.

After a while Jono also started visiting a fitness trainer and work by a certain profession. People in the gym liked the kind guy a lot. There he met the love of his life with whom he is happily married until now.

By the way, his biological parents never even tried to find their own son, and Jono holds a grudge against anyone no more. He is happy he could find his love, recognition and could find his place in the world.

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