“Unique Beauty”: how is the life of the girl with unique appearance

November 2018 was marked by the birth of a very unusual girl – Maya Aziz. The baby was born with black hair, however a strand of her hair around the face was snow-white. The most interesting part is, that Maya’s mother has the same exact feature.

The mother decided it would be easier for her daughter in the future, if they took photos of Maya as a child and shared the photos on social media.

This way she will get used to being in the center of attention and won’t have any complexes about being different.

According to the woman, Maya is a postmature baby. She gave birth to her at 40, and the labor lasted over a day with difficulties. In spite of this, the baby was born totally healthy.

Today the baby has a lot of followers on Instagram. They are waiting for Maya’s new photos and always admire her uniqueness.

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