“She’s already 21!”: how was the fate of “the girl on basketball”

The girl named Tsyan Hongyan is a real example for many people. Her fate motivates us to never give up and always go towards our goals. Tsyan’s story especially motivates those with limited abilities.

The thing is, that she is missing both her legs since childhood, but this didn’t stop her to succeed in various spheres and become a champion.

Everything started when Tsyan was 4. She faced a terrible car accident losing both legs as a result. The family couldn’t afford artificial legs, so she had to get used to the new life.

At first her parents carried the girl on their hands, then the girl’s grandfather thought out an unusual means of transportation for his granddaughter. He cut a basketball and put Tsyan there. He also gave her sticks to help her move.

Her relatives recorded a video of the kid moving in such an unusual way, and it got popular in social network. From then on, Tsyan Hongyan is famous all over the world as “the girl on basketball”.

Everyone was shocked by the little girl’s will-power. After all she went to school all by herself with the help of her “transportation means”. However, instead of 7 minutes, it took Tsyan about an hour.

When she was eight, the country’s government helped the girl – artificial legs were made for her. And this is how Tsyan made her first steps.

By the way, this helped the girl achieve her goal. The fact is, she really liked swimming and after receiving the artificial legs, she was finally able to get fully engaged in it. Also, Tsyan wished to take part in Paralympic games, but for a long time she couldn’t be accepted. Her wish came true in 2016.

Today she is a swimming champion, has a number of medals and is known in the whole world. She is a real example for everyone ready to give up. After all, if she could find enough power to live and win, so can you.

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